Rent Inspection can make you feel horrible and time can not be your friend, when it's only few hours left you start going up and down trying to finish everything at once. At A-TEAM CLEANING Services we  100% guarantee that you will have one of the best inspections ever. we also  offer variety of services to meet you requirements, such as vacate cleaning, window cleaning, office cleaning, schools, shopping Centre, Toilets and many more. 

We are flexible to detailing with other special cleaning requirement to suit your conditions and ensure that services offered to you are efficient, economical and effective.
Below is another segment of services we offer in detail, just but to make it easy for you when choosing other services you may need

  • Outside Kitchen cupboards
  • Clean Stovetop
  • Clean Microwave
  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Clean Laundry
  • Clean Toilets
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Furniture Dusted
  • All Flat Surfaces Wiped
  • Clean Bedrooms
  • Wipe Window Ledges
  • Floors Vacuumed/Mop
  • Small Bins Emptied
  • Hard Floors Vacuum/Washed
  • Wipe Light Switches
  • Wipe Power Points
  • Spot Clean Walls ( Only finger makers in small area or extra cost may apply )
  • Skirting


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